Have you been eBayed lately?

March 14, 2013 at 10:03 pm

So, around this time of year, the notices start coming out about autocross schedules. I, in turn, start daydreaming of how this is the year I’ll actually be competitive and rise to the top of my class standings, all while doing so in a relatively stock E30.

Yeah. Hasn’t happened yet. But that hasn’t stopped me from pre-shopping, much like a woman who chooses her furniture before she’s ever sat in it. eBay is my drug of choice, as it’s filled with new and used parts that are sure to make me look like a better driver. So, what’s on my list right now?


  1. Bigger rear sway bar: I tried going OEM with this the first time, snagging a 14.5 mm rear sway off of a 325ix for cheap. Didn’t do squat for rotation, so I’ve got my eye on a 19 mm UUC rear sway bar.
  2. Replacement Motometer odometer gears: OK, this has nothing to do with performance. But it would be nice to see how many miles I actually rack up commuting to the course in Ayer.
  3. Re-manufactured alternator: I’m 90% certain my 1987 325is still has its original alternator, or at least one that is going on ten years old. It certainly needs a fresh unit for some added juice.
  4. Performance chip: I’m a bit on the fence with this one, as my already fragile car does not need its fuel map and rev limiter messed with. But the E30’s M20 straight-six is sorely needing a few more horsies as it makes its way around Devens throttle-heavy sections, so it may be worth exploring.
  5. Used A/C compressor: Already scored this for the price of free, and it would make the drive to and from the course more bearable. That is, if it even works….

All of this takes money, which is sometimes allocated towards other expenses. Right now, I’d be happy to find out the compressor works and to add the beefy rear sway bar.

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